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Political Science and International Relations

Undergraduate Programs and Research

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Preparing Students for Politics and Policy

Our programs prepare students for careers in government, law, administration, research, public policy, consulting, and related professions. That’s because students at POIR gain exposure to normative and empirical political theories; they acquire training in analytical thinking and research methods; and they learn to understand the diversity of political systems, peoples, cultures, and nationalities. We provide individual mentoring, guest lectures, group workshops and roundtables on internships and job-related topics to help undergraduate students plan for their next 4 years and beyond.

Undergraduate Programs in POIR

Our focus in Political Science and International Relations will prepare you for dynamic careers in politics and public policy. Additionally, with minors like Human Rights or Global Economy, you can find specialized areas of study that align perfectly to your interests.

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Undergraduate Research

One of the many advantages of studying in POIR is the opportunity you’ll have to get involved in research as an undergraduate. Working on real-world problems in real time will not only bolster your understanding of the concepts, but also will accelerate your career search or path to graduate school.

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First-hand Experience

The undergraduate programs offer students direct work experience through internship courses that connect students to businesses, agencies, and political affiliates.

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