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Department of Political Science and International Relations

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Political Science and International Relations (POIR)

Graduate & Doctorate Programs and Research

Training to Solve Challenges

USC POIR offers graduate and doctoral students rigorous training in the core of both political science and international relations. Our graduates leave with critical skills and new knowledge to advance both their careers and their field.

POIR Ph.D Program

Our doctoral program offers students specialized research training and specialization in fields adjacent to Political Science and International Relations. Along with skills, training, and funding student can expect two fellowship years and teaching and research assistantships with generous annual stipends.

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Fellowships and Placements

Graduate and doctoral students can seek extra research funding – both internally and externally. Additionally, the department helps with job placement and provides a specialized support group for graduating students.

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Participate in Faculty-led Research

Our faculty members have contributed to a variety of innovations in the study of political choice and behavior and political institutions. You’ll have no shortage of access and opportunity to assist in research while in the program.

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Joint Professional Degrees

POIR is proud to offer a handful of dual professional degrees that combine an MA in International Relations with Juris Doctor, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Planning. These programs are designed to give students an advantage in specialization while saving them time earning their advanced degrees.

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